Friday, September 24, 2010

Homecoming T-shirts and Mum and Garter

If you have ever spent any time in north Texas you know that high school football is king. Homecoming is especially insane. Since this is my son's senior year I went a little nuts on the Mum and Garter. These are my first homemade mum and garter. I started off with a pile of supplies along with some specialty premade ribbon. The kids gave me permission to go overboard!

These are what I came up with. The school mascot is wolves but my son wanted panda an penguin centers instead. I even added some candy for them to munch on!

This is her mum.

It is attached to a beauty pagent style sash. Originally I wanted the sash just for appearances. Turns out that these mums are extremely heavy. The sash makes it much easier to wear and will not stretch out her shirt by being pinned to it.

This is my son's garter. I was really worried about it being too heavy to wear on his arm but I used lots and lots of glue and staples to attach it to a special garter that (hopefully) will stay on his sleeve better.

I was also asked to make t-shirts for the group of kids he is going to the dance with. They are worn during school on homecoming day.

I used the Cricut to make stencils out of the vinyl and used them to paint the shirts. Because of the personization I had to make 26 different stencils.

Their theme was transformers so I had to print out iron ons for each shirt.

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  1. I LOVE the T shirts!!! The transformers turned out so good!!! Your mums are awesome!!