Sunday, January 29, 2012

I have been playing with glass and polymer clay

Yes, that is a blow torch! Yay!

Silly me, I watched the instruction video and thought 'I can do this!' Silly Dana!

I tried 11 times and came up with only 2 use-able (but not beautiful) beads.

But I had fun and I got to play with a blow torch! Not giving up yet.

Lots of beads broke during the process and just a couple turned out too bad to use for anything other than learning what not to do!

Now, onto my polymer clay....

I am working with Fabulously Frugal in Irving, TX to sell some of my creations. Saturday I took 5 necklace and earring sets. This week I hope to take 5 brooches. I hope you will give me your opinions. This is really new to me. I have made jewelry before but not with my own hand created beads and pieces.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cricut classes in the Dallas area

I was asked where the best place is to get classes on the Cricut. My favorite place is Personal Scrapbook in Allen. Not only do they have classes but also crops dedicated to Cricut users. I have not been to their newest storefront but I understand that it has lots of room. They also keep a great selection of scrapbooking and crafting products.

In Plano there is Stamp Asylum. I cannot speak about their classes or crops since I have never been to one but I see how many they host and am impressed just on content. The store is amazing in it's variety alone and the staff is always helpful.

In McKinney there is Scrappin' Bunnies. I have only shopped there twice but love the variety and prices. I know they have monthly classes on the Cricut.

hope this helps

Polymer clay is addictive!

I have been very busy playing with polymer clay the last few days.

As you can see I still need practice and there are oops in each of my pieces but I am still proud of them.

This one was made using many tiny circles of clay. I love it! It was supposed to be a dahlia type of flower but I think it looks more like a hydrangea.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my take on an ATC

I picked up a book on Artist Trading Cards and loved them. But I did not really see a use for them besides decorative. So my take on one is a two sided book mark.

I started with a king of hearts card and sanded off the gloss. The woman is from the Stamp Camp Vixens set, I used Art Nouveau for the font, the ribcage stamp is from a pull apart skeletal stamp (not sure who the maker is), I used polymer clay to make the background for the ribcage and the bead. I really like how it turned out and already have more ideas.

my trials in clay

beads for a bracelet

a rose to go on a ring

and a birds nest for a pendant

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

pinterest rug

I have spent way too much time on Pinterest lately. I now have a list of new crafts to try. The first was a t-shirt rug. Unfortunately it did not come out quite right. I need to not weave so tightly! So instead of a rug my son has decided it is a hat!