Sunday, January 29, 2012

I have been playing with glass and polymer clay

Yes, that is a blow torch! Yay!

Silly me, I watched the instruction video and thought 'I can do this!' Silly Dana!

I tried 11 times and came up with only 2 use-able (but not beautiful) beads.

But I had fun and I got to play with a blow torch! Not giving up yet.

Lots of beads broke during the process and just a couple turned out too bad to use for anything other than learning what not to do!

Now, onto my polymer clay....

I am working with Fabulously Frugal in Irving, TX to sell some of my creations. Saturday I took 5 necklace and earring sets. This week I hope to take 5 brooches. I hope you will give me your opinions. This is really new to me. I have made jewelry before but not with my own hand created beads and pieces.

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