Thursday, July 28, 2011

What I did today

I am filling my display wall with framed photos. Instead of just throwing them in a plain frame I am adding some decoration.

The first is my son. I used Jasmine for the font. The second is my son and nephew. The shape is from Going Places and the font is Ashlyn's Alphabet.

This one is my son when he was 2. Both the shape and font is Plantin Schoolbook.

This one is my favorite. No Cricut on this one. Just some Die Cuts I had stored away.

This one has a total of 6 pictures, 4 of a trip to Missouri to visit my sister and her kids and 2 of my chihuahuas.

The dogs are from Animal Kingdom.

This is also Ashlyn's Alphabet.

Another font from Plantin Schoolbook.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trial invitation for bachelorette party

This is my trial version. The lacing needs to be a different color, spaced farther apart, and thinner ribbon. I like the color scheme but I think I will try a 'softer' pattern. I used a purple glaze and I like the effect. I did go a little over board with the glitter!

These cuts are from Tie the Knot.

Friday, July 22, 2011

my mushroom cards

I really liked gnomes and mushrooms today! On the first card the gnome is from Freshly Picked and the mushroom is from Create A Critter. The other mushroom is from the Tinkerbell cartridge. Both have the font from Billionaire cartridge. That font welds perfectly on Design Studio.

Monday, July 18, 2011

How we worked on wedding invitation design....

My newest sister-in-law, Natalie, brought her friends and family over to my house to work on her wedding invitation design. I had a ball! We all used the same basic elements and came up with wildly different designs. Now poor Natalie has to pick and choose which parts she likes so we can come up with the final design.

Miss Natalie hard at 'work' munching and sucking down champagne!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Today's crafting with no Cricut.

Trying to find some creativity without using the Cricut has been more difficult than I thought! I played with my stamps, rub ons, and store bought embellishments and came up with these 3 cards.

These first 2 are okay. A little bland but useable.


This third one is nowhere near my favorite. It is boring and not even stickles could save it!

Then I went on to bookmarks. These are not the regular stuff it in the book style bookmarks. These are pocket style so they won't fall out of the book while still saving the page and not damaging the book.

This one is made from a photo my niece, Raven took. I can't help but brag on how great of a photographer she is! Add some stickles and make it into a pocket. Done.

When Mama and I went to the Cricut Dallas Stampede I collected bunches of calling cards. Once I took down the information I put the cards aside. I didn't want to just toss all that hard work. So now I have used 3 of them for bookmarks.

The 2 pockets and the monkey came from the calling cards. I would have hated to loose all that creativity.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Decorating my transportation

I finally decided to decorate my motorcycle. His name is Snuggle so the idea pretty much thought itself! I used cartridges 'Nursery Rymes' and 'Christmas'. I did have a tiny ripple in one of my bears so when it finally gets to me I will redo it. That is the good thing about using vinyl instead of paint.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

For my new Sister-In-Law

My baby brother was married this week. I highly approve of his choice (like it would have made a difference anyway!). So to welcome her into the family I am sending her this card.

She has a tough mountain to climb. It has to be hard joining our family. The most successful at it has been my most wonderful sister-in-law, Christina. I have always said she is either a saint or insane!

Really Mom, just one more before bed.....

When I was fiddlin' with my stamps this morning I messed up. So I set the card aside thinking I was going to have to cover it. When I was fishin' for something to cover the stamped flowers around the edges I found a picture my niece gave me. How cool is her flower! So instead of covering the stamps I added the red flower, colored the stamped flowers and background and pulled out the stickles. I put almost a full bottle of stickles on this one card! And a little goes along way. My favorite part is Raven's flower. I used the fruit punch stickles and the crystal stickles just to the accent lines and points. It really changes the look of the flower without destroying the original image. And again, NO CRICUT! My poor E is getting dusty!

From start to finish

I started with a plain white card form. I stamped the sun all around the outside and started with a medium yellow pencil.

As you can see just the yellow makes a difference.
Adding the golden yellow starts showing some depth but adding in the orange shows alot of definition.

Once all the coloring was done I added some folded flower faces and the title.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anyone else starting on Christmas card designs?

So for most people I am getting started way too early. To me and others I am running late on getting my card design set. This is my first attempt at this design. I like the idea but I don't think I have put it on paper right......