Thursday, July 28, 2011

What I did today

I am filling my display wall with framed photos. Instead of just throwing them in a plain frame I am adding some decoration.

The first is my son. I used Jasmine for the font. The second is my son and nephew. The shape is from Going Places and the font is Ashlyn's Alphabet.

This one is my son when he was 2. Both the shape and font is Plantin Schoolbook.

This one is my favorite. No Cricut on this one. Just some Die Cuts I had stored away.

This one has a total of 6 pictures, 4 of a trip to Missouri to visit my sister and her kids and 2 of my chihuahuas.

The dogs are from Animal Kingdom.

This is also Ashlyn's Alphabet.

Another font from Plantin Schoolbook.

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