Saturday, July 9, 2011

Today's crafting with no Cricut.

Trying to find some creativity without using the Cricut has been more difficult than I thought! I played with my stamps, rub ons, and store bought embellishments and came up with these 3 cards.

These first 2 are okay. A little bland but useable.


This third one is nowhere near my favorite. It is boring and not even stickles could save it!

Then I went on to bookmarks. These are not the regular stuff it in the book style bookmarks. These are pocket style so they won't fall out of the book while still saving the page and not damaging the book.

This one is made from a photo my niece, Raven took. I can't help but brag on how great of a photographer she is! Add some stickles and make it into a pocket. Done.

When Mama and I went to the Cricut Dallas Stampede I collected bunches of calling cards. Once I took down the information I put the cards aside. I didn't want to just toss all that hard work. So now I have used 3 of them for bookmarks.

The 2 pockets and the monkey came from the calling cards. I would have hated to loose all that creativity.

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