Saturday, February 19, 2011

Playing with my Miata

I received my new circle cartridge, Cricut Everyday. I love the phrases but right now it doesn't work right with Design Studio. But it is adorable. This is one of my favorite phrases. I also worked with my Car Decals, Animal Kingdom, and Paper Doll Dress Up to accessorise my new Miata.
This and the girly bug head are from Car Decals.

Gotta have a chihuahua on the back!

There is a great story to the web. My car's name is Charlotte. She is a 91 Mazda Miata that has been sitting in a pasture for awhile. She needed transmission work so the mechanic started to work on her when about 30 black widows crawled out of her and he fainted! He refused to go near her again until she was fumigated!


  1. I love that 12x12 Step Program phrase too!

  2. I love the 12x12 phrase. I sold my cartridge on eBay because I really don't think it's anything I could use. But the good news is...I bought Nate's ABCs, Simply Charmed, and Mother's Day Bouquet with the money from that :) But ideas!