Thursday, March 3, 2011

I think I may be crazy

I have decided to have another party for my son's friends. 16 teenagers in my house and 8 girls will sleep over. Yep, I am crazy! But I got to craft the invitations again! These were so easy. I used my newest cartridge, Camping Critters. I made 14 of these in just under 3 hours total.

They were extremely easy and very plain. The snappiest thing about them was the stickles!

On another note, one of my co-workers traded in her car last year and lost her favorite bumper sticker. I finally got around to making her a replacement. I think mine is better since I added the couple and made it out of vinyl. I used Platin Schoolbook and Car Decals. I really like the Car Decals cartridge. It has some really cute images. I have a banner planned that I want to use it for next.

The picture is a little hard to see since (silly me) I put the transfer paper on before I took the photo! Once she puts it on her car I will get another picture.

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