Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I have been up to.......

This has been a long month. Mostly I have been working on wedding stuff for Jody and Natalie. Other than wedding stuff I have done alot of canning. Each of these jars represents a different flavor of jelly I made. Wow that is alot of jelly! Next I will be decorating the jars for gifting this holiday season.

Now check out my first harvest from my garden (very loosely defined!). My poor garden has not fared this summer well. The only thing to survive has been the squash plants. 70 days over 100 has been rough!

I will be cutting into the largest one today. I plan on freezing the others for use later.

Next is a contest I entered at work. My accomplice's name is Jennifer. She works for Best Buy. The goal was to decorate a table for the Brides Maids release.

On the top of the table is a dress from the way back part of my closet, pink rose petals, plastic champagne glasses, and dvd cases.

Big tulle poofs were on the front 2 corners with flowers in the center. The flowers were cut from the Wedding cartridge and have Theresa Collins bling in the center.

I used 20 yards of tulle on these poofs but they were fun to make.

The font is from Opposites Attract. I offset a second layer and added the bling.

Another cut from Wedding. I was not really happy with how it turned out. The paper is very reflective and I got a little glue on it and could not get it off.

The shoes are from Wall Decor and More. I love how these turned out. Sometimes it is tiny details that really make the design. If you look at the heel tips I added a stripe of glitter. I think that tiny amount of glitter makes the design.

The large flowers in front are from the dollar store. I also cut out the champagne glasses from Wedding.

All said and done I think we did a great job. While I hope we win the contest, if we don't I am proud of our entry!

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