Friday, April 1, 2011

Newest weekly Cricut Circle contest

This week's contest for the Cricut Circle Blog is Make a Game Plan and the weekly theme is Sports so I decided to do a project I had the supplies for and a reason. My son is the JROTC PT Team commander for his high school. (Darn, another reason to brag on the child!) So, as his senior year I wanted to do something special for his team at the last drill meet of the year. I have had these water bottles stored away (CLEARANCE SALE!) since just after Christmas. Here is a basic layout of the "Game Plan". As you can see I did not know which font to use so I set up about 20 different fonts on my Design Studio using Jacob's name and he chose Happy Hauntings. The wolf is my old standby on Camp Out and I really like the simple font on Car Decals but it does not look too schoolish or childish. I used the cheap white vinyl from Hobby Lobby. While the vinyl itself works great the backing on it has a tendency to stick to the mat and won't come off. I ended up having to wash all 3 mats I used for this project.
Overall I am very pleased with the final result. We will see what the kids think at the final meet.


  1. What a wonderful idea and great gifts for the whole team!

  2. These are so cool! I love the idea for a team or small class present! Good Luck in the challenge!